Trained Volunteering Program

Making Volunteering Meaningful

Alex assisting students

At ABOUTAsia Schools we believe in responsible volunteering.

Our program is designed both to allow volunteers to gain experience of teaching in a South East Asian context, and to enable them to develop their understanding as educational practitioners. We know that volunteering here represents an amazing chance for participants to learn about the Cambodian culture and education system, whilst thoroughly enjoying the difference their work can make to the lives of these children. We also recognize our responsibility to ensure a quality service for the schools and children we support.

The aim of our programme is not simply to replace local teachers with "free", untrained volunteers who know nothing of the Cambodian culture or how to be effective in the classroom here. We feel strongly that, in order for their efforts to be justified, volunteers must seek to provide the highest caliber of educational opportunities and need to be trained accordingly.

Through proper training, not only will the children make real and lasting progress, but volunteers will be able to feel part of something that is genuinely advancing educational opportunities and outcomes here in Cambodia.

In order to ensure our volunteers make a sustainable contribution to the communities they work in, we require a minimum commitment of one month for a teaching assignment. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old, have fluent or native levels of English speaking, and hold a valid visa and medical insurance for the duration of your stay.

Volunteer Training

Volunteer in small group

Our Volunteer Training Program is based on the principle that short-term, high-impact training can revolutionize the classroom experience for both the students taught and the volunteers themselves. Rather than throw inexperienced volunteers straight into the classroom, all volunteers must undertake 4 days of intensive training, to help best equip them for the challenges of their placement.

This professionally developed course is based on a limited resource teacher training model and is specifically designed to work within the Cambodian and volunteering contexts.

Over four days, participants have the opportunity to develop a firm foundation of good practice on which to build their teaching. The course content includes:

In addition to this, we will offer volunteers the chance to experience some of the awe-inspiring sights of the Angkor Kingdom with an excursion package provided through our sponsor ABOUTAsia Travel.

You can find a sample training schedule with a full outline of the sessions offered here.