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Ways To Donate

Why Donate Through ABOUTAsia?

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ABOUTAsia Schools is funded sustainably through the money generated by ABOUTAsia Travel, meaning any admin costs, along with the general costs incurred by our programs, are financed by this income.

What this means is that we are able to provide anyone wishing to donate money to make a genuine difference here with a way to do so that guarantees 100% of what they donate will go directly into whatever supplies, materials or scholarships etc. they decide.

We have the knowledge and the capacity to assist people in making donations that they can be sure are being directed appropriately and to the areas of greatest need.

Donation Ideas

You can also inquire as to any specific needs, such as building maintenance, which may be a priority for particular schools at a certain time. Email info@aboutasiaschools.org

Donate in Person

If you would like to make a donation directly to ABOUTAsia Schools, you can do so in person by visiting our office in Siem Reap at:
A23-B1, Charles de Gaulle Ave, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Another way to help
If you are planning a trip to Cambodia, use ABOUTAsia Travel as 100% of their profits go towards supporting our programs.