School Supplies Program


Although our focus for funding has now shifted to our Scholarship program, our School Supplies program is an important part of our history. In the past, many schools were built with private funds and donated to the Cambodian government with the hope that public funds would be earmarked to outfit and maintain them. Sadly, such support has not been forthcoming. With government funding to schools as low as $1.75 per child, per year, most schools – as well as students – desperately need additional help to function and cover basic expenses.

new uniform donation

To help bridge the gap, ABOUTAsia Schools has provided thousands of essential school supplies. From pencils, chalk and paper, to books, desks, uniforms, computers, and facility repairs, our program ensured that school buildings here have a real purpose.



While we now feel that greater impact can be had through our Scholarship program, our School Supplies program efforts resulted in the donation of the following supplies:

School Materials Donated in 2012-2015
4,488 School Uniforms Children are not permitted to attend school without a school uniform, which costs $7 per uniform. By western standards this is a small amount, but in rural areas many families are subsistence farmers with no income - the average annual income in Cambodia is just $272.
71,334 Sets of school supplies School supplies containing pens, pencils and notebooks are delivered by ABOUTAsia Schools at various times throughout the school year.
112 Bicycles Bicycles allow children that could not reach school, or could only do so with great difficulty, to access education. This is due to the distances required to reach schools in rural areas. To put this into context, the rural population of Cambodia is 79.9% compared to 17.7% in the USA.
49 Sports
Uniforms / Equipment
Donated to various High Schools to enable them to establish sports teams.
594 Reading books and course text books Donated to schools as well as available for students to access at our Learning Centres.
24 Whiteboards Many whiteboards become so old that students are unable to read from them.
60 Pairs of Shoes Donated to Anchanh Primary School
42 Brail and stylus and 23 reams of braille printing paper Donated to Krousar Thmey School for the Blind
Materials Donated to Improve School Infrastrucure 2012-2015
Construction of 6 Water Wells Built on school sites, benefiting all pupils at the schools as well as their local communities. All of the schools we support now have access to clean water.
3 Toilets Built at Anchanh Primary School, Prey Chrouk Primary School and Kok Pnov English class school.
3 Roof Repairs To enable the classrooms at some of the older schools we support to continue functioning during the wet season.
5 Schools Painted We facilitated the painting of 5 schools, supported by Food Craft, Singapore and Bega High School, Australia.



While the focus of our School Supplies program has now shifted to our Scholarship program, we continue to provide our Learning Centers with the supplies they need to run English lessons and arts and crafts classes, as well as keeping the libraries stocked.

If you would like to help support a school with resources or improvement of infrastructure you can contact us at