Community Learning Centers

Why Learning Centers?

Commnuinty Learning Center

At the start of 2014 we decided to take a slightly different approach to our School Supplies Program, aimed at enabling greater access to education.

Based on our research of factors pertaining to educational success in the Khmer government schools, access to reading materials and course textbooks was found to outweigh everything else. We decided that this should be our area of focus, and that by bypassing school corruption through taking a community centered approach we would be able to ensure greater accessibility for all.

The Journey So Far…

Study and activity in class

In February 2014 we opened our first Learning Center with great success. This was followed by a second Learning Center in December 2014. In both communities in which these centers were established, students and their families have demonstrated a real enthusiasm and attendance has been very good. We have since opened a third Learning Center and we are currently working on building our fourth Learning Center in the floating village of Mechrey.

Students are welcome to attend the library to read for pleasure, study government school textbooks and do craft activities with the teacher. We deliver free English classes at the Learning Centers twice a day, with around 100 students attending daily.

Future Goals

Teaching in Community Learning Center

ABOUTAsia Schools is committed to cultivating a culture of reading, learning and creativity amongst Cambodian children through ongoing development of our Learning Center program. As the project does not rely on overseas donations, we are able to achieve objectives across the long term through sustainable funding from local business.

With the success of our pilot program and initial Learning Center, we have since been able to open a further two Learning Centers and we have plans for one more to be opened in 2020.

For those interested in supporting the purchasing of school supplies or finding out more, please contact